Città di Prato by designconsultancy

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Winner of a public competition, this Brand will rapresent the community of Prato in the new millenium.

The coloured stripes comes out from the traditional work of Prato people (stracciaroli), capable to recycle every single stripe of cotton and the new mixture in the urban and industrial landascape made out of small and medium chinese entrapreuners, african migrants and Italians.

The Logotype comes out from an architectural approach at the medio evo plan of the city.


Drinkable book

The Drinkable Book is both a water filter and an instruction manual for how and why to clean drinking water. This technology (pAge drinking paper) uses a thick, sturdy sheet of paper embedded with silver nanoparticles, which are lethal for microbes. This paper was created and shown to be highly antibacterial during Theresa’s Ph.D. at McGill University. Additionally, these filters meet US EPA guidelines for bacteria removal to produce safe drinking water

 If you want to contribute to the project:

Omage to Rudyard Kipling’s IF

If only Italian graphic designers could be so good at copying something like american collegues, without alwais concerning about meanings, if only in our universities and colleges were less people concentrated on themself and the importance of their academic role, if only they were a Little bit younger, if everytime wasn’t about politic, if smart small studio like many i met in this blog were entitled to public design, if meritocracy one day will show its face, we could at least have an updated visual Italian world.