NB Studio: Petit Pli

The concept behind the sustainable clothing brand Petit Pli stems from using materials resourcefully. The pleated structure of the garments can grow up to seven sizes; the same amount a child grows in their first two years. NB Studio was asked to strengthen the brand logo and its applications by creating a brand identity that is inspired by the product and the founder’s desire to … Continua a leggere NB Studio: Petit Pli

Museum: a contemporary one

3 weeks ago i’ve been working  in Qatar and i had the chance to visit the National Museum. Well, (with the maximum respect), there’s not so much history footsteps in the desert, but i had to say that the Qatar national museum is probably one of the best designed museum in the world. Let’s not talk about the architecture side (fuckin unbelievable monsieur Nouvel, all … Continua a leggere Museum: a contemporary one

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Sport Pictograms.

Olympic Games sport pictograms were first introduced at the Tokyo 1964 Games, which arose from a need to communicate visually to an increasingly international group of athletes and spectators. Since then, pictograms have been created for every edition of the Games. While paying great respect to the predecessors and inheriting the Tokyo 1964 pictograms by innovating them, the Tokyo 2020 pictograms not only adhere to the objective … Continua a leggere Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Sport Pictograms.

Instagram adds in-app checkout as part of its big push into shopping

Instagram took its next step to becoming a full-fledged commerce business today, announcing that it is bringing a checkout feature to its mobile apps. With checkout, you can store your payment information with Instagram to make purchases more quickly. In return, Instagram is charging retailers a selling fee. More than 20 brands will use checkout to start, including Nike, Adidas, Dior, H&M, MAC Cosmetics, Michael … Continua a leggere Instagram adds in-app checkout as part of its big push into shopping

Articolo evidenziato

Antonia Skaraki

The chicken or the egg ? – well, in these packages… the chickens definitely steal the show! Enchanted by the power of stories and tales, we created a visual narrative… about 3 special chickens / heroines; Captain Mahe for free-range eggs, Madame Coco for bio eggs and Miss Nelly for barn-laid eggs. That’s how we added a human touch to the packaging: a touch that … Continua a leggere Antonia Skaraki