Slanted #20– Slab Serif

SLAB! Slanted Magazine #20 – Slab Serif is entirely dedicated to the early 19th century born »serifenbetonte Linear-Antiqua,« broadly known as Egyptienne, Slab Serif, Square Serif or Mécanes outside German classification. Developing during Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, these typefaces fastly spread on advertising posters and flyers. Back in these days it was the main purpose of the slab serifs to attract attention by their … Continua a leggere Slanted #20– Slab Serif

Slanted Magazine #19 – Super Families

Slanted #19 – Super Families hosts a great family party. In this issue we focus on large font families, and their family trees, displaying an amazing variety. They all have a large amount of weights that features an extreme range, giving a spectacle from Hairline to Ultra Black with Compressed to Extended. Relatives also come in Sans, Serif, Semi-Serif, Slab, Rounded etc. We are pleased … Continua a leggere Slanted Magazine #19 – Super Families

Think Work Observe

Come nasce il progetto Think Work Observe? Alberto ⁄ Piero. È nato un po’ per caso, tre anni fa, da un lavoro fatto in coppia. Eravamo colleghi di uno studio piuttosto importante, di Udine, che lavora soprattutto nel campo dell’immagine coordinata di aziende di design di alto livello, molto specializzato nei cataloghi e nella letteratura aziendale. Uno dei titolari mi chiese di lavorare sul catalogo del suo progetto di … Continua a leggere Think Work Observe