vegetable ink

Ink made from vegetable waste, Estratto. The concept is based on anthocyanins, pigments of flowers and fruits. Their colour is from red to blue, depending on the amount of ph of the container. Red cabbage, black carrot, cherry, currant, grape, strawberry, raspberry are plenty of anthocyanins. The formula: So pick a red cabbage, cut it and put in water, boil for 15/30 minutes, filter the … Continua a leggere vegetable ink

Feeding young graphic designers

Saturday afternoon I went to the Triennale Design Museum with my family because  they organized a graphic workshop for children named Mr.Guttemberg, part of a program of workshop to help children express their creativity. They briefly explained the children the main rule “typography is a mirror job” giving them a single sponge made of polistirene (the one used for flowers) and a box full of … Continua a leggere Feeding young graphic designers

Bonifacio Pontonio a N’importe quoi

Mercoledì 25 aprile 2012, alle 18.30, si inaugura Lectio, mostra personale di Bonifacio Pontonio con 21 fotografie dedicate all’azione del leggere. L’artista espone una importante selezione di opere create proprio per questa mostra a “N’importe quoi”, attraverso una ricerca sull’universo dei libri e della lettura. Sono 21 fotografie selezionate fra le centinaia scattate. L’incasinatissima e bellissima libreria caffè in via Beatrice Cenci è stata la vera fonte di … Continua a leggere Bonifacio Pontonio a N’importe quoi