on line italian newspapers

Let’s have a look at the main on line italian newspapers on a wall with the independent and the nyt.

Once graphic designer could judge a layout simply squinting the eyes, to have a clearer view of the balance between white and black, the first “sort of balanced” on which machine compositors were used to spend quite good time. That was really a dusty job, handling lead letters and wood. Nowadays we have a really strong power to rearrange adaptive templates to fill all the spaces with the right proportion and… Yes, but who’s designing those templates?  If you don’t use 10% or more of the page displayed there’s a visual problem, an excess of white annoying the reader, and a content problem, cause you could have displayed more content.

But more than that, there’s a financial loss, you could have sold that space. Better, you could sell it everyday.

Why italian editors are hiring graphic designers only to design a font for the printed version of the newspaper or for an info graphic chart? What if you buy the printed version and the layout is like the on line one?

You will think that something gone wrong in the printing pipeline overnight.

So why is “so standard” to have sad graphic design on the main page of ours on line newspapers?

Speed? No, they’re a lot more boring than abroad, they refresh the version only if an earthquake happen, and during the morning the updating is quite slow. And they are not so international like theirs competitors must be in order to stay relevant.

Money? no, don’t be silly….

have we lost our (once famous) sense of taste?

Well, i think that is probably worse. An on line italian newspaper is still considered “the digital version of something”.



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