vegetable ink

Ink made from vegetable waste, Estratto.

The concept is based on anthocyanins, pigments of flowers and fruits.
Their colour is from red to blue, depending on the amount of ph of the container.
Red cabbage, black carrot, cherry, currant, grape, strawberry, raspberry are plenty of anthocyanins.

The formula:
So pick a red cabbage, cut it and put in water, boil for 15/30 minutes, filter the fluid.
Now you have what chemists call a ph indicator, so put some in different bowls, than add some lemon (acid) for red shades or bicarbonate for green shades.
(If you’re looking for yellows, use onion or carrots instead of cabbage)

Estratto wants to be environmentally friendly, is based on the weekly waste of fruitsellers and greengrocers, so it rely on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables colors
_ must be kept in the fridge
_ they can’t be reproduced scientifically
_ perfect white or black could be obtained
_ the intensity could change in time

Welcome to the poetry.

Estratto is a 100% natural colour, can be used to write, paint, and for the food market.

Then Ludovica Canzutti (designer) decided to design the pen for estratto, the pack,….


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