Feeding young graphic designers

Saturday afternoon I went to the Triennale Design Museum with my family because  they organized a graphic workshop for children named Mr.Guttemberg, part of a program of workshop to help children express their creativity.
They briefly explained the children the main rule “typography is a mirror job” giving them a single sponge made of polistirene (the one used for flowers) and a box full of oddities. So my son (4 years olf) picked a strange plastic hook and a piece of iron. Ludovico moulded the sponge with the two objects then rolled some red tempera on it and finally put a sheet of paper on top pushing his hands. As soon as he saw the printout he was asked to compose his name with max five letters. I think the pictures well describe the funny atmosphere and the amazing output.

And was free!!!
This is the Italy we want.

While my son was enjoying his workshop my daughter Margherita was playing in the big 1st floor atrium with a wood car equipped with a rack for markers constantly leaving lines on the floor. The small wood car was named Jackson P.
I love it.

Un pensiero su “Feeding young graphic designers

  1. Bet you had more fun than your child!

    Looks brilliant!


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