you are here

“you are here” is the name of the latest campaign for the Museum of London by NB, one of the leading design consultancies in UK. It has just won a gold award at the Design Effectiveness Awards, and so we asked Alan Dye, the creative director, to talk about the project.

We realized that what made the Museum of London so special was that the amazing stories and artefacts making up its collections came from the very streets that surround the Museum. On the other hand on postcards you always get “wish you were here” which we liked, and on maps you always have with a big arrow – “You are here”. So we loved the idea of being somewhere amazing in London that has seen all this amazing history. ‘Here’ linked together the spot where the viewer stood in the present, the historical moment in the past, and London as a whole. This versatile line linked the different design elements too – from “Be here” for a save the date card to “Join us here” for a leaflet promoting the Museum’s Friends’ society –all positioning people at the centre of the design.

the concept is nice and simple. But how did you select the images?

We worked closely with historians at the Museum trawling the extensive archive, looking for iconic images from London’s history that could be transposed onto modern London life. We chose images of people, not of dusty objects in cases. When you see the famous Bill Brandt image of people sleeping on the Underground at Elephant and Castle during the Blitz of the of The Second World War people would see this massive poster realising that they were standing in the exact same spot as these people 60 years ago.

Basically the campaign captured the thrill of standing on the spot where a historical event took place.

The design featured images right up to the present day, including 20th Century images such as the Poll Tax riots. Design elements were consciously contemporary. Working with the Museum’s colour palette, we chose bold typography, vibrant colours and interesting finishes such as foil blocking for invites and other collateral.

The campaign appeared across Greater London for one month and included London Underground 48 and 12 sheet posters, site specific installations, advertisements in London papers and magazines, marketing collateral including leaflets, invites, postcards, materials for the Museum’s varied stakeholders, such as press and PR launch materials. 

What did the Museum of London get in terms of results?

The opening week saw an all-time record amount of visitors, over twice the Museum’s target. Visitor figures for the 12 months after the launch have been 94% higher than the previous year, and 20% higher than forecasted.

And what did NB get in terms of results?

We have a very satisfied client, which is always great, and we have been able to share this project with many of our other clients. Clients know that winning a DEA shows that NB as an agency delivers tangible results. Plus we have won several prizes for the campaign, including:

90th Art Directors Club – Gold award for branding campaign/ branding category — Blade Awards – Winner – Not for profit designDBA Design Effectiveness AwardsGold Winner — Benchmarks Awards Commended – Public sector campaign — Visit London – Gold award – Best marketing and PR campaign — Guild of PR Practitioners – Heralds Award – Best PR campaign


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