Sagmeister: the edp modular identity

I found very intriguing the new edp logomark that keeps changing its shape, especially while you’re on the internet reading something on their website, but in an increasingly competitive marketplace a corporate identity is often intended as a “unique” thing.
What happen when you first show edp a modular identity concept? How did they react?
The first reaction was one of careful curiosity, as this was a very new concept that raised many questions about the possibilities of its effectiveness, usage and execution. Luckily we could answer many of these questions by showing application solutions. Internally we had tried out a numerous directions but we presented just one general direction (with many, many possibilities within that direction) to the client. I have always thought that showing many general directions to the client displays incredible laziness on the part of the design/branding house: Nothing is easier than presenting two or three dozen solutions (which often are half baked by necessity) and forcing the client to pick and chose.

The process to redefine an identity is usually long and complex.
How long your studio spent on this project? i mean, the edp graphic world you created looks quite big…
We worked on it for about 10 months, a rather ambitious schedule for such an extensive identity.

What happen when the logomark has to be printed?  Did you settled a guideline for each shape? 
We identified 6 different major logo marks to be used for the main printed executions. We designed the custom EDP typeface with the help of typographer Ondrej Jób. Our designer Jessica Walsh, who was in charge of much of the work done on this project, had known and loved his typeface Outliner, a quirky monospace typeface. We liked the regular uppercase version of the font and asked Ondrej to create a complete typeface custom for EDP that worked in upper/lower with all the glyph coverage that could work well in all sizes.

How do you think the edp identity might evolve in the future?
The identity itself should stay in red, we strongly feel that all the variations and possibilities this system allows formally should not be extended to color. EDP do have a lot of equity in the color red is it was their house color before the rebrand. And as they are the world leader (No. 1 on the Dow Jones sustainability index) when it comes to producing renewable energy, we did not have to go down the usual energy rebranding route depicting a green sun or a leafy tree: when you actually are green, you don’t have to flaunt it.


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