A small conversation with Christian Bélanger

Hi Christian, tell us something about you.

Hi. I graduated with a mention of academic excellence from the University of Québec in Montréal in 2003. Since then, I’m a freelance and independent graphic designer. I enjoy working in the cultural and artistic fields rather than in the corporate field because they correspond with my ethics, principals, and values. I created my audiovisuals company, La Façade (http://www.lafacade.com/), with the audio designer and programmer, Louis-Xavier Buffoni.

You have an original approach. Where do you get ispiration from?

247 Media Studios, Aesthetic Apparatus, Andrio Abero (33rpm), Bau-Da Design Lab, Charles Wilkin (Automatic Art and Design), David Carson, Denis Dulude, Eduardo Recife (Misprinted type), Emigre, Group94, House Industries, Michael C. Place (Build), Mike Orduña (Fatoe), Scott Hansen (ISO50), Tolleson Design and Wefail.

…and your favourite canadian graphic design studio? 

KO Création (a design studio which is now defunct, founded by Denis Dulude and Pol Baril), was and will always be, for me, THE graphic design studio in Canada. I’m also very proud of 2Rebels, Québec’s first typefoundry wich was also founded by Denis Dulude (now defunct as well). Other than that, I can tell you that Montreal is becoming an important force in graphic design. Alexandre Renzo, Atelier Chinotto, Denis Dulude, FEED, Luce Beaulieu (Posch + Article Studio), Marc-André Roy, Mecano, MP1, OrangeTango, Paprika, Stéphane Poirier, Thomas Csano, Transistor Design and Uniform are all great graphic designers and/or graphic design studios that have proven to be great internationally over the years, and so, in their own ways.

Now you are a college graphic design teacher. Any advise to new comer designers? 

Work hard. Don’t necessarily be satisfied with the first solution. Think. Refine. Look, don’t see. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Participate in contests, but don’t freak out if you don’t win anything. Meet people in your field. Cherrish your clients. Know who you’re working for. Don’t forget who you are and what are your ethics in all the commotion.

Ciao Christian 

Thank you very much for offering me this interview. Much respect. May graficaitaliana have a long life.

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